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Tourism is changing, and travelers want to indulge in raw local experiences. Citiskopes is here to help people see their city differently or have a more authentic feel of the location they are visiting.

Our Story

Do you love to travel, but are doing the typical tourist sightseeing attractions? Are you constantly traveling in the same area and doing the same things? Do you spend hours, if not days, planning an itinerary for things to do before you travel?

We want to provide a platform that enhances users' experience by bringing it to life allowing people to experience a culture from the perspective of a local innovatively.

We love to experience different cultures and indulge in it. The experiences we enjoy are diverse and range from different things to do such as sunken hole explorations, underwater exhibitions (yes, it's real!), paintball, skydiving, spent years in perfecting the way we haked the travel industry. However, the only thing we were unable to hack at that time was the gathering of unique local experiences. We've been there, and we've done that, so we share your experience. As avid travelers, who enjoy traveling like a local and every once in a while visiting the good ole tourist attractions.


Our thrill of experiencing unique local experiences began when we were younger. As first generation latinas, we traveled extensively to the Dominican Republic with our parents. For most people, vacationing on a sweet sunny island sounds like a treat. However, paradise soon became our backyard because we began to realize that every location, no matter how far, ended up with the same routine; visit family, go to the resorts, tour monuments, explore Zona Colonial, eat at the Malecon. Nothing unique or memorable after the first two times of going there.


While in college, the graceful smell of freedom and independence went straight to our brains. We vowed to travel to different locations and create a memorable experience that is unique to every destination of course while on a tight student budget. However, as we started traveling outside our city, we quickly realized that traveling like a local isn't as easy as it seems.

Eventually, we fell in the same loophole of having the same experience in every location because we could only find the usual touristic attractions, parties, and hiking trails when searching online. Anything we believed to be unique was way past our college budget. It wasn't until we took one trip to the same location we had always traveled to during our childhood that changed the way we would ever travel again.  

Our Vision

What started as a simple club promotion for college students and ended up becoming the source for "things to do"  for new and prospective students in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia).  


We want people to know what is going on around them that is easily accessible without having to hear it from their friends, social media, or a blog no matter where you are currently at. In a big city where there is so much to do it is hard to know what new and exciting experiences are going even if you live in the area since experiences come and go all year around.


Live streaming experiences are better than any verified review because each experience differs from one person to next.  Live streaming also inspires others to visit that area or experience.

Our Mission



"It became disappointing to know that the unique local experiences we once enjoyed are no longer available when we go back because of international competitors."  



"I was tired of doing the typical tourist thing, so I spent endless hours researching and connecting with locals online to find amazing and unique things to do while on vacation or abroad."

We want to provide a platform for people to indulge in a culture from the perspective of a local. 


Every culture differs from country to country, country to state/providence, state to state, and city to neighborhood. 


We stand for exposing the “underworld” of the various locations both travelers and locals visit. After all,  it's easy to visit an area and view the iconic of that region, but nothing means more than a unique experience when you get to do what the locals consider fun.


Therefore, to provide this experience we want to reduce the search for finding this local perspective. We want everyone to enjoy a raw, authentic experience they’ll never forget wherever they go.     

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