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Not Your Average Event or Travel Platform

Citiskopes' platform effectively reaches a dual target audience searching for things-to-do with the use of its augmented reality innovation. Our effective AR business promotion, marketing, and management strategies help to increase sales and boost our members' profit up to 77%.

The Citiskopes Difference

Citiskopes was created with local entrepreneurs, like you, in mind to eliminate the barriers between attendees and your experience. We want to make your company visible, discoverable, and trigger faster decisions wherever your audience go according to their interest. 


You don't discount your efforts, so why lower your price? Our users understand that your experience is unique and isn't easy to find. So they value its worth.

Price Posted is The Price Paid

We Generate Traffic

So you've posted your event, good. Now what? Unlike other platforms, our job doesn't end once live because we promote your experience to help you get the most attendees possible.

Sales > Impressions

No need to advertise to 2 billion users for impressions. Our users are looking for your experience which leads to sales. Aren't sales more important than impressions?

Increase Audience With Holoskopes

Your audience is already on Citiskopes actively searching for experiences that your company provides. Capture their attention with a Holoskope to boost sales 77%. 

Dual Audience

Some platforms target tourists and others attract locals, Citiskopes targets both. 

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