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To Do or Not To DO, if You Know What To Do

I think my dog is training to be Underdog. A few days ago, my 5lb Yorkie decided to jump off the balcony. She must have caught some serious air since my apartment is on the second floor, but where was my dog trying to go ? I don't have an answer but I think I may be stumbleing into one.

This year, I spent my 4th of July trying to give my dog her independence back. I didn’t get to see fireworks, hang out with friends, or go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog and even if I didn’t have to take care of her, I still wouldn’t have known what to do. But if I would have used an app like Citiskopes, then I could have actually gone out and did something exciting instead of talking to my dog the entire time. Don’t have your next holiday end up like mine. Find something exciting to do with Citiskopes. The Beta is soon to launch, so subscribe soon to be a tester. 

By: Kaitlynn

Edited by: Karen

#dog #yorkie #thingstodo #fourthofjuly #citiskopes #knowingwhattodo #whattodo

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