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Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC

Eight individuals abandoned in the forest. A dead body nearby. Oh yeah, did we mention they are blind? This is the type of show you can only see at Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC. From now to July 30th, witness this and many other performances of comedy, musicals, plays, dance, and music. Since July 2006, Capital Fringe has been bringing artists and audiences together. They embrace diversity and independence which can be seen through all the acts in the festival. Some performances comment on social and political issues while others are merely there to entertain. Don’t miss this opportunity to see countless artists in one place.

The 2017 Fringe Button is required for admission to all shows and costs $7. This button also allows for discounts around the city for a year. General admission tickets for each show are only $17.

Check out some of the shows scheduled for Sunday (7/16):

11:45 am- Show Business 101

                  Presented by XY Players

Sketch comedy lampooning various show business scenarios from a Fringe Festival audition to the staging of a musical number to an improv troupe dealing with a homicidal maniac to an android actor in an Oscar Wilde play.

Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center: Lab II   


12 pm- The Blind

Presented by Wheel Theater Company

In an extraordinarily dark forest, eight sightless individuals sit and wait for their caretaker’s return. Near them lies a body. Abandoned in the wilderness, they are forced to reckon with the unknown in this suspenseful new adaptation.

Location: Gallaudet University: Eastman Studio Theatre.

1:30 pm- Orson the Magnificent – The Magic of Orson Welles

                Presented by Lars Klores

Orson Welles spins tales of the great magicians while performing his own astounding feats of mind-reading and illusion. Part magic show and part dramatic biography, told by a legendary raconteur with a few tricks still left up his sleeve.

Location: Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theater

5:45 pm- Lazarus

    Presented by Unstrung Harpist Productions

In the 22nd century, humankind has achieved medical immortality. The rich and powerful live forever, while genetically inferior Plebes take desperate, illegal measures to survive. A disreputable back-alley doctor comes face to face with the moral consequences of playing God. Location: Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theater

10:30 pm- Trey Parker's Cannibal! The Musical

      Presented by HalfMad Theatre

Cannibal! The Musical is the true story of Alfred Packer, the sole survivor of an ill fated trip to the Colorado Territory. Don’t miss this raunchy, ridiculous, over-the-top carnival of gore told for the first time…with puppets!

Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center: Sprenger

By: Kaitlynn

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