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We Are a Lyft Pitch Finalist!

Lyft, the multi-billion dollar rideshare company, will be launching its pitch competition for entrepreneurs who are running their startup.

We're excited to announce that Citiskopes was selected as one of the eight finalists to present at the first ever Lyft Pitch competition. Many of you have been with Citiskopes since the day we spoke our name to existence, so we want to let you all know that our hard work and efforts are not only being recognized by you but by industry leaders.

The Lyft Pitch competition was conceived when Kate Glantz, Lyft’s Regional Marketing Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region, and her team noticed that one in five drivers are entrepreneurs driving to support their start-up venture. In a recent interview with Rideshare Central, Glantz stated that the " 'Lyft Pitch' is a program we saw the opportunity to launch in the Mid-Atlantic region as a way to embrace our own entrepreneurial spirit while supporting our local drivers to reach their goals both on and off the road."

We hope to continue the hard work our team has put into promoting local businesses and making it easier for tourist and locals to find unique experiences at the Lyft Pitch competition. Fingers crossed, we take home the gold and continue the creating modules that will take you all from sightseeing to experiencing.

Skopers, we are a few weeks away from our launch. Join us as we count the days until Christmas Citiskopes Style. We promise that there will be a lot of exciting things to do that will make you forget the day Santa comes down the chimney. Join the countdown.

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