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5 Things Your Event Platforms Are Not Doing For You

Event platforms are well known as go-to platforms to post events and set up tickets for your event for your business to generate revenue. Although, as a business that has an event platform, you have to ask yourself, is the event platform that I am currently with properly marketing and attracting the proper market? Are they giving me a fair deal regarding profit? These are just two of the many questions you must ask yourself when working with the appropriate event platform. Now, here are five things your event platforms are not doing for you.

1. Full Control of Your Event Listings

Many event platforms do not allow users to have total control of their events. Event planners should have the ability to have certain features such as branding their pages, organizing tickets, and allowing to view data insights including attendees' demographics. An event planner should be able to access all of these features when creating, during and after an event on an event platform, as well as allowing interaction between their customers, which we will get to soon. After all, companies and event planners don’t just want to make an event; they want to maximize profits.

2. Generating Traffic

No event platform generates traffic to business events at all. Believe it or not. Paying ads for traffic generation does not constitute as generating attendees to your event because that is an additional cost you are paying your event platform on top of their cut from your ticket sales. Plus, paying for an ad is congruent to an advertisement on the bulletin board; people walk (scroll) right past it which leads to lost sales. Event platforms offer little to boost posts, and when they do offer more, the costs can be high and can increase your expenses without any guarantee of attendees.

3. Fair Competition Among Events

Companies also have to worry about competing with other events on the same platform. Popular and well-known events have substantial advantages with the amount of revenue they bring in, giving them better ad impressions and click through rates than what smaller companies will be able to offer. Many event platforms are not as active on social media as well, which can provide high awareness for any businesses. So ask yourself, what is your current event platform doing to help you compete with bigger and well-known events? If you have to pay for advertisements to be noticed, that isn’t cutting it. As an event company and event host, you are already giving up a percentage of your sales for using the event platform to post your event and now you have to pay more money for advertisements in hopes of getting impressions not even guaranteed sales.

4. Allowing Stronger Interaction Between Users

Nowadays, there is online communication almost everywhere, but you don’t see that on event platforms. The possibilities of having this type of interaction can boost awareness and appeal to your desired audience by the exposure the business receives. In today’s marketing world, user interactions serve as entertainment to the user by giving them the opportunity to create and show their content by posting their photos, videos, and sharing it with their friends and other users via online or on an app.

5. No Business to Customer Relationship

As a business, you sign up and create your account on the event platforms. After, the only interaction you make with that event platform is the transaction of posting your event. What is next? Having a relationship that connects your attendees to your event is important for your company to succeed and sell again in the future. After all, selling out an event is a great feeling but retaining past attendee and seeing them appear at another one of your events is an accomplished feeling.

With Citiskopes, you are in control of your event in terms of viewing insights and customization. Citiskopes also allows users to connect with other users and allows attendees to post their photos and videos on the businesses’ event page, which builds stronger connections to the companies’ event page, thus helping increase the company’s awareness. Traveling and going to events may feel like a small portion that happens in your life, but in reality, it is an experience that stays with you forever, and we want to cherish that. What may not seem like a little detail is critical for your business to reach that next step of giving the user and the audience a successful and unique experience. At Citiskopes, we want to provide your event and company what your current event platform isn’t. We cherish B2C relationship and want to make sure you can focus on providing you attendees an unforgettable experience while we take care of generating traffic to your event. Everything is possible with Citiskopes.

Register your event and company with Citiskopes at

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