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What's The Move in DC? DC Events to Get You Out in The City With Friends

Once in a lifetime experiences are quote on quote the air that fill millennials lungs. The tiny hairs on their neck stand-up, eyes widen, and time does not matter as they bookmark the experience into their memory bank. Years from now friends will reminisce about the day when they did that one thing and then smile. Good times last forever they are frozen moments locked in a time capsule called a smart phone.

A good friend takes a picture or video of one another during the experience then shares it with the worldwide web no matter how embarrassing. But, before your friends find out what embarrassing picture you posted, checkout these upcoming events that will get you likes on your timeline and might even go viral.

Tuesday night it will be a Cole summer. J Cole is at the Verizon Center for the 4 Your Eyez Only tour. He is the first and second rapper to go platinum without any features.

If hip hop is not your style, visit the Nationals Park for some VT College game day. Enjoy some football and happy hour.

Wednesday marks the middle of the week (HUMP DAY!) and is a time to remember the late great Whitney Houston at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. Shed a tear to her beautiful song, “I will always love you” and then cry laughing to Jim Ross on Thursday night at the DC Improv club.

Take a trip to Six Flags America for their 5th annual pride splash & ride. There is no excuse to stay in the house next week. Fun is around every corner. Summer 2017 live for the moment and do them with the people you will never forget... after all, you still have those embarrassing photos and videos of your friends on your phone.

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Edits by: Karina

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