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Travel Like A Local

I say Costa, you say Rica!

If you can't remember everywhere you've traveled to, than you most likely did the usual touristic activities. Traveling has to be epic, it has to be exciting and most importantly memorable. The most memorable travel experience I’ve had is when I studied aboard for two months in Costa Rica. It was like I was on vacation every day, with so many places to explore. Transportation was very cheap, so it was easy to explore the country and all seven provinces. The locals were kind, and places and adventures we went on were exotic.

Traveling Like a Local in Coasta Rica

If I had an app like Citiskopes, I definitely would traveled to different and more places. Being in another country where people do not speak your first language, is difficult to know how to navigate. It was also hard to know which places we should see over another. Citiskopes would have been a great help, especially during the week, when we could not travel far and had to stay local.

I didn't have Citikopes while abroad but that doesn't mean you should. Subscribe to Citiskopes to stay updated with the app's pre-launch news and release.

Edits by: Karen

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