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Penn Social Games of Thrones Trivia Night

If you haven’t heard, the D.C. area has gone crazy for Games of Thrones! There’s already a popup bar, an inspired beer, and now Penn Social will be hosting a Games of Thorne Trivia Night tomorrow! District Trivia has organized a special quiz night with a $500 prize for the winning team. Questions and picture rounds will cover both the TV show and the books, costumes are encouraged (with prizes for the best), and to discourage cheating, you’ll have to put your cellphone in a cage. In case you locals or out of towners don’t know, Pen’s is known for their array of games they have spread of throughout the bar. You may have heard of their previous events, like Harry Potter trivia, that have sold out in advance so if you want to play sign up now! Along with trivia night, there will be happy hour with themed drinks starts at 4 p.m. It starts at 7:30 p.m. and cost to lay is $20 per person; $75 per team of four; $150 per team of eight.

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