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Take a Hike on the 4th of July Tradition

This year’s 4th of July had a mood swing of weather changes throughout the day. Luckily around noon, the sun was shining its rays out for everyone outside, including me. This summer, my friends and I have spent a lot of time hiking, so no better way to start the 4th off by heading to Great Falls and hiking the Billy Goat Trial. The scenery was beautiful as we talked along the C&O canal to get to the trial. Thanks to the heat, we were drenched by the end.

From the Hike- Citiskopes

No better way to cool off than to go swim in a pool. Still tired from the hike, we decided to stay in for the rest of the 4th, and can’t complain it wasn’t a good decision. We watched the fireworks on TV from our couches and saw as John Stamos hosted the Independence Day Celebration at the US Capitol. Can’t say I didn’t have a relaxing fourth of July.

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