Enriching the real world with digital experiences

Citiskopes is changing the way you experience a city by augmenting the real world.

Holoskopes Experience

Citiskopes interactive augmented reality (AR) changes the way you travel by enriching your local experiences. Uncover new things to discover in national parks, monuments, and museums to enhance your learning and cultural experiences. 

Same City

Different  Perspective

With Citiskopes discover areas that you may have never thought of exploring, or revisit destinations and experience something different.


Holoskopes gives you a unique, new, and fun perspective wherever you go. 

All About Experiences

Citiskopes helps you create the best memories of a city by providing a unique hyper-local experience.


More than just "things to do", visit restaurants known for their unique cuisines and get guides to murals for an Instagramable experience all in the palm of your hand. 

Use Citiskopes online for planning and its app for on-the-go decisions as you create sharable experiences.


The Ultimate Sidekick

Discover what's happening around you as you step out to explore in REAL TIME  or plan ahead.


Explore the city like no other with augmented reality to find local events, activities, murals, exhibits, performances, festivals, tours, and many more things-to-do all in one place.

  • Find unique experiences in real-time with Citiskopes as your guide

  • Purchase tickets and make reservations instantly

  • Plan ahead and create a "Bucket List" for your trips 

Bridging your business directly to tourists and locals.

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"The last weeks in Asia were a blast. Thanks to Citiskopes for helping us to experience this awesome country like locals."

Haven't heard of anything like this before? That's because it didn't exist, until now. 

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