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Eliminate the Search

Say hello to a world of unique experiences! Citiskopes is transforming experiences by providing tourists and locals, like you, unique local events and activities that excite your senses on one central platform.  Our global library of experiences features the best hard to find businesses, events, and activities nearby and abroad for seekers anywhere and on demand.

Radical Innovation

Sightseeing is great, but what if you can take it to another level?

Citiskopes augmented reality technology allows locals and tourist to experience a different perspective of their usual activity and newly discovered favorite experience without a bulky headset. The augmented reality installation is unique to the city you are in, therefore no AR is like another. After all, aren't you on Citiskopes for that unique local experience? We wish to tell you more, but Citiskopes AR Travel  installations are unique. So we don't want to give you too much info that will spoil the experience for you. Join Citiskopes to stay updated with Citiskopes AR Travel  .



Instant Experiences

Looking for things to do right now, but so far what you've found is taking place days away from your current availability?

We believe in living in the moment and planning it if you have the time. However, we understand that the odds of scheduling "me time" no longer exist for short-term availability. Citiskopes has made it easy to plan on-the-go for nearby experiences. So, if you are in the city with friends and randomly decide to do something nearby or are abroad and decide to change your daily activity, Skope it on Citiskopes. We provide you with neither generic experiences while on the fly, require you to book months in advance nor claim your experience on third-party platforms. Citiskopes is your sidekick, so use it. The only thing you need to worry about now is what will you do with all that extra time you would have otherwise spent watching Netflix? Hopefully, it'll be enjoying unique local events and activities.

Eliminate the Search 

Need information about unique local things to do in your city or in your travel destination?

Whether you want to know about any new thing to do in your city or if you're planning on visiting a new place, near or far, chances are you are relying upon word of mouth, blogs, search engines, and social media. The web has too many different sources, and word of mouth does not travel very fast. Adventure blogs, local blogs or magazine articles offer local things to do, but that information has an expiration date so you'll be reading about things that can be from two years ago. Unfortunately, a lot of content has a short lifespan as well. Lucky for you, Citiskopes' platform is always updated, not only with unique local experiences nearby but with current events. So if you see, you can book and do it! 

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