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The Next Level

You bring the experience. We'll make earning easy. 

A new platform to reach a demanding generation.


Marketing with


The new generation is tired of being bombarded with static ads. They learn to maneuver around those ads quickly becoming a blind spot on a screen.


Use Holoskopes to your advantage and learn how to reengage your target group with interactive augmented reality experiences.


Increase engagement

On Demand Geo-Booking

It takes two seconds for your customer to book your competitor causing you to miss out.


With Citiskopes, our customers are searching for things to do in the moment booking 9x faster than traditional sites.


Transform those two seconds of search into sales by showcasing your availability in REAL TIME


We generate the traffic

Do what you do best and let  Citiskopes help generate the traffic to your business; we aren't talking about impressions either.


How do I add my business?

Simple. Whether you want to list your business on the guide, advertise with Holoskopes, or both contact us and we will assist you. 

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