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Get a Personalized Itinerary With Citiskopes

No Time to Plan? No Problem.

Citiskopes helps travelers plan personalized trips by populating activities based on their personality, current travel style, and destination with Artificial Intelligence.

Designed for you - the traveler with an approved PTO yet no time to plan the trip

Skip the Planning

Citiskopes helps you plan a trip without researching things-to-do with our AI powered itinerary builder. Citiskopes aims to understand your travel style, habits and desires to compile activities with little effort from you.


Build Memories

Citiskopes chooses unique activities that captivate your interest to create memories and experiences that are best for you.

Do More With Little Time

Citiskopes optimizes your time in locations to provide you more things to do in an efficient way. Ensuring that every location and route is filled with unique and hyper-local gems that aren't easily found online.

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Focus on The Fun

Citiskopes eliminates the tedious research in trip planning by creating a personalized  itinerary and suggesting additional unique activities to let you focus on the best part of your trip - the experience!

Plan a trip without planning

Get Your Personalized Itinerary by Citiskopes


"The last weeks in Asia were a blast. Thanks to Citiskopes for helping us to experience these awesome countries like locals."

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